The 5 Most Important World Book Day Costumes

If you’ve had a child enter school since the mid-nineties, you might have taken notice of a new holiday that involves a bit of planning, fancy dress and imagination. Not just your child’s imagination, but yours as well.

That’s because UNESCO (you know, the same people who protect Stonehenge, Edinburgh Castle, the Standing Stones of Stenness, etc.) began celebrating this holiday in 1995 to commemorate the death of famous authors William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes, and a few others as a way to encourage young and old people to read more in an age where books and stories are becoming so much more relevant, but also more ignored.

Most importantly, it’s a chance for parents to catch up with what their children have been reading at home and in school, by deciding what character they want to dress up as. Now, there are ways to cut out hats and wands, etc, but a lot of people don’t have time for a DIY costume – they’ll need a little themed costume help, and that’s what Party Starters is here for.

We’ve put together our favorite characters from literature – those storybook characters who have captured the imaginations of us as kids, but also continue to enchant us. Some of them you might have forgotten, but we’ll remind you of those days, just like Peter Pan played by Robin Williams in Hook, we’ll take you back to the Never-Never land of your childhood!


  1. Peter Pan

    What’s great about Peter Pan outfits is that both girls and boys can play Peter Pan if they wish. It’s a classic and wonderful book, speaking not just of innocence and playfulness but of trying to retain that childlike spirit in your heart for all your days. Pair that with Hook, and you have a lifetime of story to play dress up and introduce to your family. We carry Peter Pan fancy dress in both girls’ and boys’ styles.

  1. Robin Hood

    Robin Hood is another than can be done really well by both boys and girls. Take from the rich and give to the poor! Charity is one of those timeless virtues that instill kids with a sense of justice, and the idea of fighting with and for the common man.

  1. Queen of Hearts

    The Queen of Hearts is an extravagant costume for an extravagant story. Lewis Carroll (a.k.a. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) was a mathematician who wanted to impress upon his readers the amazing possibilities that mathematics and the mind could produce when put together. Your child will have a great time ordering her subjects about, and she’ll be a unique character, but the Queen of Hearts fits into almost any story just as well as the one it was written for. Imagine the Queen of Hearts in Harry Potter’s adventures. It fits just fine, doesn’t it?

  1. Tinkerbell

    Mischevious, helpful, indespensible Tinkerbell. The real strength behind the boyish peter pan, tinkerbell never got the credit she deserved in the book, but she gets the prime spot in almost every Disney movie from the time it was made on! One of our favorite characters for certain.

  1. Gandalf

    If you’re a teacher, or just a parent who wants to impress upon your readers the importance and magic of a good book, a Gandalf costume, robe included, is the best way to wow your students and make them think twice about not listening to your spirited lessons. Woe betide those who ignore Gandalf’s wise words!

That’s our list of Party Starters top 5 literary characters for this year’s World Book Day. We’re happy to suggest a package to complete your look if you need any help, and we always love to see our customers’ completed costumes once they’re done.


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