Our Mission

Our goal is to create meaningful experiences, not just to sell great products. From its conception, the overall marketing design of Party Starters has been to create lasting impressions on people so they can come together in unique ways. We took a look around at the small scale events around the UK and thought, “People can do better!”.

Visiting participatory events around the world instills the ethos that a party can be much more than a bunch of people getting smashed; it can be a place where lifetime friendships are born, stress is relieved, careers are made, and even love is found – if the conditions are right, and the atmosphere is conducive to the fascinating encounters we look for when we’re excited for an event.

Our vision is that with just one purchase of a £20 – £80 party pack, an otherwise nondescript party guest can become the star of any party he or she attends. We envision festival camping grounds transforming from a smattering of tents to a complex of LED lit gazebos with punters bringing their own decks, DJs and decor. We like to think a shy, new addition to the invite list can turn out a real hit with everyone, just because he visited our site and used one of the great ideas in our articles.

We’d like you to think of high quality events as something you can achieve with a modicum of effort. And we’d like create the infrastructure to help you achieve that.

Think about it like this: No company on Earth is going to guarantee you a good time, but we’ve structured our business around it.